I’m a bee in a bee hive that is subject to extensive fumigation. The smoke, however, does not calm me down or make me feel at peace. In fact, I’m a bit concerned: there’s a massive fire just 5m away from my room… Even though there are some farmers around and I was told that the fire was lit on purpose, the situation looks slightly out of control.

The smell is almost unbearable and there is smoke everywhere. I am not sure how I am supposed to fall asleep with this going on outside. I definitely don’t want to burn in my sleep… As I hear the fire cracking outside, I keep thinking ‘has it reached my room yet?!’. It’s awfully close to my bathroom, see photo below.


The weather has changed a lot over the last few days. Dry season has started; we hit 38 degrees today. Every day, it gets more and more hot. The landscape is brown, grey or black. What was lush and green only a few months ago is now on the verge of dying. Forest fires have clearly left their marks. Their ash is everywhere. The air is hard to breathe, as it is constantly filled with smoke and dust. I haven’t seen Pai’s mountains in quite some time.


We’ve started to spray water on to the elephants (especially their ears & heads) in the afternoon in order to cool them down. They absolutely love it. I stick to ice cream and try to go swimming with Tutdao to escape the heat for a short while. Still, I can’t wait for monsoon season to begin. I really don’t like forest fires. Only 8 weeks to go…

(They have finally managed to stop the fire outside. I’m safe and sound and ready for bed.)