Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a few farewell BBQ’s for our volunteers. During these nights, I got to know a ton of traditional Thai songs, Isaan songs (i.e. songs from a certain region in Thailand), and modern Thai pop songs. Even though I didn’t like most of them at first, I cannot live without a few of them anymore.

Most Thai songs are about love, especially about cheating, breaking somebody’s heart, having several boy-/girlfriends, etc. My Thai friends keep joking that Thai people are never happily in love; there is always something going on in their relationships and they tend to be heartbroken and extremely jealous.

Here are my current top 7 favorite Thai songs (I translated their titles freely; and yes, they are all about love and heartbroken people).

1) Loving somebody from Southern Isaan

2) Swan

3) I want to embrace her

4) Unimportant

5) Memories

6) Do something

7) When is it enough