It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, and so many things have happened… First of all, I’ve moved to a house about two weeks ago! It’s way too big for me (it has three rooms, one large kitchen/dining area, one bathroom) but, unfortunately, it is unfurnished. The garden is still a mess and needs to be cleaned. Still, I absolutely love it. Why?

1. It’s just across the street from my old elephant camp and so I get to hang out with everybody, all the time. Every morning, I wake up at 6.15am and get Tutdao from the jungle. I then hang out with her, sit by a campfire to warm up again (it’s still cold in the morning), talk to the Mahouts, drink coffee, and sometimes watch my ‘teacher’ and friend Joy build a rat trap (he cooks and eats them – I haven’t tried them yet). Joy building a rat trap

At 8am, I have Thai style breakfast at the camp’s reception with Kob, Miguel’s girlfriend, who is also working for the NGO. We eat rice soup, leftover curries, BBQ meat, omelette, etc. Then, I either go home to work a bit on the NGO’s website or I stay at the camp’s reception and work there/help Kob with customers. At 5pm, I always bring Tutdao back to the jungle – my favorite part of the day! Afterwards, it’s shower time and beer/dinner time. Every night, I have dinner with Miguel, Kob, and our friends from the camp (Kob is teaching me how to cook Thai food). When it’s time to go to bed (10pm the latest…), I walk over to my house. One of the dogs, Sunset, always comes with me, and so I never feel unsafe. And the next day, it starts all over again. Sa nook mak (Thai: a lot of fun)!

2. My house gets all its water from a nearby hot spring: my skin has never been better…! As there isn’t a shower head in my bathroom, I engage in ‘active showering’: I mix cold and hot water in a bucket; I then use a small plastic bowl to pour water over me. While some people might think ‘how terrible to live without a proper shower’, I actually quite like it. Since Thai people have used this washing technique for centuries, it’s all part of the cultural experience.

3. I live next to a pond! One of these days, we want to go fishing there, and have a BBQ in my garden afterwards. I’ve seen huge fish jump around and cannot wait to try them (I’ve been told they taste excellent).


I’ll try to give updates on everything else that has happened here and post more photos and stories over the next few days. Hope you’re doing well!